Arturas Valiauga

Lives and works in Vilnius/Lithuania 
Born 1967, Vilnius

1987–1990 studied at Vilnius Higher School of Technology
1990–1993 work as a photographer at Vilnius Technical University
since 1992 member of the Union of Lithuanian Art Photographers
since 1993 work as a free-lance photographer in publishing and advertisement
1996 – 2003 work as a photographer for the first studio of advertisement photography in Lithuania, Marijos Nostalgija together with Arūnas Bukauskas, advertisement photographer from New York
2003  established a company of advertisement photography Fotoprojektai 
2010 Master degree in visual arts. Vilnius Art Academy, Photography and Media department.
2010-…  Lecturer of advertising photography at Vilnius College of Design and technologies.

Solo Exhibitions
1995 “...from Woman’s Diary”, Photographic Gallery, Vilnius, Klaipėda and Panevėžys/Lithuania
1998  “My Photography”, Museum of Photography, Šiauliai/Lithuania
1999 “Reflexio”, Photographic Gallery, Vilnius/Lithuania
2003 “A Week Has Eight Days”, Photographic Gallery “pf”, Poznan/Poland
2004 “From the Morning till the Evening”, Photographic Gallery, Vilnius/Lithuania
2006 “Still Identity”, National Art Museum, Vilnius/Lithuania
2007  “Still Identity” Museum of Photography / Šiauliai, Lithuania
          “Still Identity” Photographic Gallery / Panevezys, Lithuania
2008  “Still Identity” Goethe Institute / Rotterdam, The Netherlands
 “Between the History and Future” Vilnius Photography Gallery / Vilnius, Lithuania
2008   “Between the Shores”. Contemporary Art Centre / Gdansk, Poland
2010    Galerie STP/ Greifswald, Germany
2010   “Between the Shores”. Kaunas Photography gallery / Kaunas, Lithuania

Group Exhibitions

1993 “Photography 4”, Photographic Gallery, Vilnius, Kaunas and Museum of Photography, Šiauliai/Lithuania
1995 “Kodak Europanorama” (Grand prix), Arles/France
1996 “Arts of Zone”, Arts Gallery “Skliautai”, Vilnius/Lithuania
 “ArtGENDA’96”, Oksnehallen, Copenhagen/Denmark
 “Biennale Europea della Fotografia d’Autore”, Palazzina Mangani, Fiesole/Italy
1998 “Faces Singing Solo” (installation), Art Club “Akcija M”, Molėtai/Lithuania.
2001 Contemporary art exhibition on advertising poles, Interdisciplinary Artists Association, Vilnius/Lithuania
2002 “Tracing”, Exhibition of painting and photography, Old Printing-house in the Maironis Street, Vilnius/Lithuania   
2002 “Erase marked place”, Arts Gallery, Kaunas/Lithuania
2002 “Lithuanian Insight: Photography: 1960 to now”, Fotografie Forum International, Komunale Galerie, Frankfurt/Main/Germany
2003 “Young Lithuania Photographers”, Exhibition at Lithuanian Embassy, Baltrusaitis House, Moscow/Russia  
2003 „Die Baltische Fotolinse“,Tower of Schloss Holligen, Bern/Switzerland
2003 XIIth Festival about Nordic Art and Literature “Les Boreales”, Museum of Normandy, Caen/France
2004 National Art Museum, Vilnius/Lithuania
2004 Art Project “Domowa atmosfera”, Gallery “ZPAF”, Krakow/Poland 
2004 International project “Lithuania. 24 Hours”, Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius/Lithuania
2004 Exhibition “In my Own Juice”, Centre of Contemporary Art of Lithuania, Vilnius, Art Museum Of Estonia, Tallin
2005 Janina Marks Museum, Kedainiai/Lithuania
2005 Arts Gallery “Lichtblick”,Cologne/Germany
2006 Art project “Work”, Folkwang Museum, Essen/Germany; Dom Fotografie, Liptovsky Mikulas/Slovakia
2006 Media Art Project ”Face the Unexpected”, Museum am Ostwall/Germany 
2007 4th Ars Baltica Triennial of Photographic Art “Don’t Worry Be Curious!”/ Stadtgalerie Kiel/Germany; KUMU Art Museum of Estonia in Tallinn/Estonia; Pori Art Museum/ Finland.
2008 Touched Time. Gallery “Akademija”. First International Art Photography Festival IN FOCUS / Vilnius, Lithuania
2009    “European Eyes on Japan”. Contemporary Art Centre / Vilnius, Lithuania
2009    “European Eyes on Japan”. Galerie der stadt/ Wels, Austria
2010    “Territory of Broken Dreams”. Nordic Light Photography festival / Kristiansund, Norway
2010    „Fokus Litauen – Meisterwerke der Schwarz-Weiß-Fotografie seit 1960.“ BR. Die Städtischen Museen / Munchen, Germany
2010 “Boredom”. National Gallery of Art. Second International Art Photography festival IN FOCUS/ Vilnius, Lithuania
2010    “Four Points. Eight Stops”. Fotoforum West gallery / Innsbruck, Austria
2011    “Four Points. Eight Stops”. Fotoforum gallery / Bolzano, Italy
2011    “Four Points. Eight Stops”. Fotoklub gallery / Split, Croatia
2011    “Seeming Stories”. Uzutrakis estate / Uzutrakis, Lithuania 
2011    “Present: Eastern European Photo Strategies”. Exposition hall “Titanic”. Third International Art Photography festival IN FOCUS/ Vilnius, Lithuania
2011    “Four Points. Eight Stops”. Prospekto gallery. Third International Art Photography festival IN FOCUS/ Vilnius, Lithuania

1995  Grand Prix (Silver Nugget), Kodak European Panorama of Young Professional Photographers, Arles
2002 Union of Lithuanian Art Photographers Prize for Innovation and Development of Photographic Art
2005 IPRN, Changing Faces, Commission Exchange Lithuania – The Netherlands 
2007  Ars Baltica. Commision for the project “Between the Shores”. 
2009    Commission to the project “Japan Daily Menu”. European Eyes on Japan vol. 11. EU-Japan Fest.

Series of photographs:
• “Still Life”, 1990-1991.
• “Faces”, 1992-1993.
• “Things”, 1993-1994.
• “...from Woman’s Diary”, 1995-1996. 
• “Jail’s Jesus, Maria and Mama”, 1996.
• “Reflexio”, 1998-1999.
•  “Personal Observations”, 1999.
• “A Week Has Eight Days”, 1999-2000.
•  “About the Borshch and the pancakes”, 2002
• “I Dropped in on Stepas, We Talked about Life”, 2002.
• “Car Repair Garage”, 2004.
• “The Man and The Sea”, 2005
• “Still Identity”, 2005-2006
• “Frescoes of a Time”, 2006
• “Between the Shores”, 2008
• ”Hangar of Kupiskis Flea Market”, 2008
• ”Japan Daily Menu”, 2009
• ”Japanmix”, 2009

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Gedimino pr. 43, LT-01109 Vilnius