2nd International Art Photography
Festival in Vilnius 2010

The IN FOCUS festival of photography will take place for the second time in Vilnius between August 19th and October 5th  2010. During the festival, over 80 artists from 10 countries will present their works in the galleries of the city.

The first exhibition will represent a panorama of the international photography competition called “Photosophy” after the term coined by the Lithuanian philosopher Arvydas Šliogeris. Over 250 professionals and amateurs from Hungary, Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine, Great Britain, the US, Belarus, Switzerland, and, of course, Lithuania, took part in the competition. Works which gained the acclaim of photographers, art critics, and curators, will be exhibited.
A few days later, for the first time in a joint space, works by artists exploring the “aesthetics of boredom” will be displayed at the National Art Gallery. The term, created by Dr. Agnė Narušytė, describes the photography of the last decade of the 20th century through boredom, and has affirmed itself both in artistic and academic discourse. In the exhibition, boredom is extended from Jonas Mekas to nowadays photography.
On August 26th the festival will visit the Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity, whose dilapidated spaces will host the impressive photographs from Madagascar by Fabrice Dellanoy, France. September 2nd will see a premiere debut for the festival – young photographer and cinema operator Kristina Sereikaitė will present her project “I am. I will be” for the first time.
Five days later project “Rites of Passage” by Premyslav Pokrycki will be presented  at the Vilnius Graphic Arts Center. Another premiere on September 13th – the latest cycle by Algis Griškevičius, „Circus“, as well as the latest object and documentary video from the “photography sites”.

On Spetember 16th, Oleg Jarovenko project „Stairwell No 3“ will wait for you at the gallery „Actus Magnus“. Finally, perhaps the most intriguing exhibition of the festival – “Photo Identity” project by the laser specialist Julius Pileckas, comprising holograms of famous photographers’ cameras, erases the divide between the observer and the observed. The paradox between creating a digital hologram and printing it, the opposition of digital and analogue technology, are additional intriguing aspects to the project.

Culture Support Fund of Lithuania, KONICA MINOLTA Ltd, Fotoprojektai Ltd., Rėmelių dizainas, Ltd.
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Bernardinai internet daily,,, Foto  magazine, Vilniaus diena, internet daily, LiT News, magazine „IQ“, 

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DRUKA publishing house.
French cultural center, Polish Cultural Institute in Vilnius, Lithuanian Art Museum, National Art Gallery, Lithuanian Photographic Association.
Our friends:  gallery “Akademija”, “Kairė dešinė” gallery at Vilnius Graphic Arts Center, Vilnius Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity, gallery Actus Magnus, Coffee Inn, Philips Lithuania, publishing Huse „Versus aureus“.
Organizer: Culture Menu
Festival manager: Eglė Deltuvaitė
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* Organizers reserve the right to correct the program in unexpected circumstances.


Exhibition of works by winners of international photography competition
August 19th-September 4th 2010
Opening: August 19th, 6 pm.
“Prospekto” gallery
43 Gedimino ave., Vilnius
II - V    12 – 6 pm.

“Boredom”. Vytautas Balčytis, Monika Bielskytė, Alfonsas Budvytis, Joana Deltuvaitė, Doooooris, Vidmantas Ilčiukas, Arūnas Kulikauskas, Algimantas Kunčius,  Giedrius Liagas, Alvydas Lukys, Jonas Mekas, Aleksandras Ostašenkovas, Vytautas Stanionis, Andrius Surgailis, Algirdas Šeškus, Remigijus Treigys, Gintautas Trimakas, Remigijus Pačėsa, Rokas Pralgauskas, Saulius Paukštys, Raimundas Urbonas, Arturas Valiauga, Gintaras Zinkevičius.
Curators: Agnė Narušytė, Eglė Deltuvaitė
August 25th-September 25th, 2010
Opening: August 25th, 6 pm.
National Art Gallery
22 Konstitucijos ave.
II, III, V – VI  12 - 7 pm
IV                   1 - 8 pm
VII                  12 - 5 pm

Fabrice Delannoy
“In the Flow of Glances”
Curator Eglė Deltuvaitė
August 26th-September 23rd, 2010
Opening: August 26th, 5 pm
Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity
II - V   12 to 7 pm,
VI -     12 to 4 pm.
7B Aušros Vartų st., Vilnius
Partner: French Cultural Center

Kristina Sereikaitė
“I am. I will be”
Curator Eglė Deltuvaitė
September 2nd-13th, 2010
Opening: September 2nd, 6 pm
Vilnius Gallery of Photography
19 Didžioji st. / 4 Stiklių st., Vilnius
I - V     10 am - 7 pm

Premyslaw Pokrycki
“Rites of Passage”
September 7th-25th, 2010
Opening: September 7th, 6 pm
Vilnius Graphic Arts Center, “Kairė – dešinė” gallery
3 Latako st., Vilnius
II - V     12 to 7 pm
VI         12 to 4 pm
Partner: Polish Cultural Institute in Vilnius

Algis Griškevičius
Curator Eglė Deltuvaitė
September 13th-25th, 2010
Opening: September 13th, 5 pm
“Akademija” gallery
44 Pilies st., Vilnius
I - VI     12 -  6 pm

Julius Pileckas
“Photo Identity”
Curator Arturas Valiauga
September 16th-October 4th, 2010
Opening: September 16th, 5 pm
Vilnius Gallery of Photography
19 Didžioji st. / 4 Stiklių st., Vilnius
I - V  10 am - 7 pm

Oleg Yarovenko
„Stairwell No. 3“
Curator Julya Dobrovolskaya
September 16th- October 5th, 2010
Opening: September 16th, 6 pm
Gallery „Actus Magnus“
36 – 44 Pilies str., Vilnius
II-V    13-19 pm.
VI       12-17 pm.

2 September – 1 October
First International Art Photography Festival in Vilnius 2008



In Focus – First International Art Photography Festival in Vilnius

The photography in Vilnius was born just a half–year later then in France and has been counting its days for almost 150 years but there have never been any art photography festival.
Cities’ of the world photography festivals, their theoretical and practical dialogues became a strong tradition. It is a long time they are entrenched as focus of the world of art photography where old and new trends in photography come.
The city of Vilnius at last will become a part of world’s festivals’ community.
From the 2nd of September till the 1st of October at last we will have art photography festival in Vilnius, where photographic projects from France, Poland, Belgium, Japan, Latvia, Great Britain, Finland, Iceland, Germany and Lithuania will be presented.
Sponsors: Culture Ministry of the Republic of Lithuania, Culture Support Foundation of the Republic of Lithuania, Vilnius City Municipality
Communication partner: „Bernardinai“,
Partners: French Culture Centre, Goethe–Institute Vilnius, Poland Culture Institute in Vilnius, Gallery “Program” in Warsaw, Lodz Art Centre.
Friends:  gallery “Vartai“, “Akademija“, “Arka“, “Znad Willi“, Vilnius City Hall, Vilnius’ Graphic Centre Gallery „Kairė dešinė“ , Vilnius Art Academy, Lille (France) Photography Festival „Transphotographiques“
Organizer: Union of Lithuanian Art Photographers
Director:  Eglė Deltuvaitė
* Organizer has a right to change the dates and places of the exhibitions. 

“On a FinnIce – Moments of Everyday “
Harri Palviränta and Spessi
Curator: Kimmo Lehtonen
02 09 2008 – 20 09 2008 
Opening:  2  September, 6 pm.
Gallery  “Vartai“
Vilniaus str. 39, Vilnius
II – V    12 am – 6 pm.
VI        12 am –  4 pm.


Emilia Stefani – Law and Veronique Hequet Grotard
“Contemporary French Photography”
Curator: Eglė Deltuvaitė
03 09 2008 – 21 09 2008
Opening:  3 September, 4.30 pm.
Vilnius Photography Gallery
Didžioji str. 19/ Stiklių str. 4, Vilnius
I – V   10 am. –  7 pm.
 VI      10 am.  –  5 pm.







„Images of Germany – 8 photographic views“
Wolfgang Bellwinkel, Sibylle Bergemann, Annette Hauschild, Ute Mahler, Thomas Meyer, Jordis Schlösser, Anne Schönharting, Linn Schröder
03 09 2008 – 20 09 2008
Opening:  3 September, 6 pm.
Vilnius Graphic Art Centre Gallery “Kairė – dešinė“
Latako str. 3, Vilnius
II – V   12 am. –  7 pm.
VI        12 am. –  4  pm.

Partner: Goethe–Institute Vilnius

Project „ZZZ”: Baiba Aprāne, Linda Dzērve, Andrejs Grants, Kristaps Grundšteins, Laila Halilova, Kaspars Irbe, Viktorija Krone, Līga Laurenoviča, Zane Onckule, Uģis Ozoliņš, Viktors Ozoliņš, Dainis Pīlācis, Katrīna Puriņa, Eva Šavdine, Iveta Vaivode, Justīne Vītola, Ilze Zilgalve.
Curator: Andrejs Grants
04 09 2008 – 20 09 2008
Opening:  4 September,  4 pm.
“Prospekto” Gallery
Gedimino pr. 43, Vilnius
II – V   11 am. –  6 pm.
 VI        11 am. –  4 pm.



Bogdan Konopka
„China, the Empire of Greyness“
08 09 2008 – 24 09 2008 
Opening:  8 September,  6 pm.
Gallery „Akademija“
Pilies str. 44, Vilnius
I – VI   12 am. – 18 pm.
Partner:  French Culture Centre in Vilnius

Algimantas Aleksandravičius , Balys Buračas,  Algimantas Kunčius, Aleksandras Macijauskas, Romualdas Požerskis, Romualdas Rakauskas, Antanas Sutkus, Stanislovas Žvirgždas
Curators: Antanas Sutkus, Eglė Deltuvaitė
09 09 2008 – 30 09 2008
Opening:  9 September, 4 pm. 
Vilnius City Hall
Didžioji str. 31, Vilnius
                                              I – V  8 am. – 5 pm.

“Me Among Them“
Mindaugas Komskis,  Robertas Narkus, Damien Peyert, Pascale Peyert, Vytautas Stanionis, Satoru Toma, Raimundas Urbonas/Doooooris, Arturas Valiauga
Curator: Eglė Deltuvaitė
11 09 2008 – 27 09 2008 
Opening:  11 September, 5 pm.
Gallery „Arka“
Aušros vartų str. 7, Vilnius
II – V    12 am. – 7 pm.
 VI        12 am. –  4 pm.



Ola Buczkowska and Karolina Bregula 
“Married Women“
12 09 2008 – 01 10 2008
Opening:  12 September,  5 pm.
Gallery „Znad Willi“
Išganytojo str.  2/4, Vilnius
I – IV, VII   11 am. – 8 pm.
V – VI         11 am. – 11 pm.
Partners: Polish Culture Institute in Vilnius, Lodz Art Centre, Gallery “Program” in Warsaw.

Lithuanian Youth
1 upon a time

Curators: Šalnė Bučiūtė, Viktorija Ivanova
17 09 2008 – 27 09 2008
Opening:  17 September, 6 pm.
French Culture Centre
Didžioji str. 1, Vilnius
I – V  7  am. – 9 pm.
VI      10 am. – 3 pm.



Photo sessions

19 09 2008 – 6 pm. – 10 pm.
20  09 2008 – 4 pm. – 10 pm.
Backyard of the Vilnius graphic center gallery “Kairė – Dešinė“
Latako str. 3, Vilnius
A platform of photography, cinema and live music: movies about photography (Dziga Vertova‘s „A man with a movie camera“(1929), Michelangelo Antonioni‘s „Blow up“(1966) ), overviews of photographers’ portfolios, music and discussions. Also, mini „self-service“ photo studio, where everyone will be able to choose decorations and attributes and then take a picture of himself. On the info sofa everyone is welcome to read books and albums about the art of photography or to look around at the photos in an unexpected space.

“Academy of Gallery”

2008 08 25 – 27
Gallery “Akademija”
Pilies str. 44, Vilnius
Creative workshop  ”Academy of Gallery” will gather young Lithuanian artists working with photography.  All together we are going to work for three days and reconsider the very notion of a gallery and space.  The group of artists will participate in discussions and lectures on local and global problems and will create a publication: journal, book or a collection of position(s)/suggestion(s).
Moderator: Vytautas Michelkevičius
More info about the workshops and participating in: