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Algimantas Aleksandravi?ius
Interneto svetain?

Born: Klaip?da, 2 November 1960. Member of the Lithuanian Union of Art Photographers, 1988. Set up Algimantas Gallery, 1994, and organized about 60 personal exhibitions of well-known authors, as well as music and poetry evenings in 19941999.

Major works:
Body Building (1988); Personifications (1987); Evening Blues (1989); Portraits  (1997);

One-man exhibitions:
Photography Gallery, Panev?ys, 1993; Photography Museum, iauliai, 1993; Vilnius Photo Gallery, Vilnius, 1993; Photography Gallery, Klaip?da, 1993; Art Gallery, Panev?ys, 1993; Fujifilm Photo Gallery, Kaunas, 1994; Photography Gallery, Panev?ys, 1994; The Shining, M. K. ?iurlionis Museum, M. ilinskas Art Gallery, Kaunas, 1995; 100 Faces, Art Exhibition Palace, Klaip?da, 1995; Portraits of Lithuanian Writers, Vilnius Photo Gallery, Vilnius, 1996 (travelled to Photography Gallery, Panev?ys); Portraits. Lithuanian People of Culture and Arts, Photography Museum, iauliai, 1996; Inhabitants of the Zaviai Estate, Art Gallery, iauliai, 1996; Faces of the 20th Century, Art Gallery, Panev?ys, 1997 (travelled to Vartai Gallery, Vilnius); Nobel Laureates and Other Distinguished Men, Prospektas Photo Gallery, Vilnius, 1997; Fujifilm Photo Gallery, Kaunas, 1997; Lithuania. Faces of Art, Art Gallery, iauliai, 1997; Revision, Prospektas Photo Gallery, Vilnius, 2002; Searching for Time, Photography Center, Moskow, Russia, 2002; The Shining, Manege, Petersburg, Russia, 2002; Book Fair, Frankfurt, Germany, 2002; Book Fair, Vilnius, 2002; Art Gallery, Panev?ys, 2003.

Group exhibitions:
Galeria Fotografii, Lodz, Poland, 1994; Contemporary Lithuanian Photography, House of Art, Bratislava, Slovakia, 1999; Contemporary Lithuanian Photography, Jozef Sudek House of Photography, Prague, Czech Republic, 1999; How Are You?, Prospektas Photo Gallery, Vilnius, 2001; Hungarian Photo Month, Budapest, Hungary, 2002; Litausche Photographie, Photography Museum, Burghauzen, Germany, 2002.

Lithuanian Republics Ministry of Culture Prize For the Most Relevant and Outstanding Publications on Culture (for the album Nine Floors), 2002; Main Prize under the category of Portraits, Fujifilm Euro Press, 2003; LR Governments Art Prize, 2003.

Lithuanian Union of Art Photographers, Vilnius; Lithuanian Art Museum, Vilnius.

21. Lietuvos raytoj? portretai, Vilnius, 1999; 33 portretai. Lietuvos teatralai, Vilnius: Lietuvos fotomeninink? s?junga, 1999; Lietuvos diazo meistrai. Fotografija 44, Vilnius, 1999; Lietuvos dailinink? portretai. 53 fotografijos, Vilnius: Lietuvos fotomeninink? s?junga, 2000; Lietuva. Meno veidai. Portretai, Vilnius: Vaga, 2000; Devyni auktai. Fotografijos / Nine Floors, Photographs, Vilnius: Nacionalin? knyga, 2002.

Lietuvos fotografija: vakar ir iandien, Vilnius, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003; Atsisveikinant su XX amiumi, Vilnius, 2000; Visuotin? lietuvi? enciklopedija v. 1, Vilnius,
2001; Lietuvos fotografija iki XXI a., Vilnius, 2002; Lietuvos dail?s istorija, Vilnius, 2002.


Ant kalvos, Vilnius, 2006
Kalvos, 2. Vilnius, 2006
Inkliuzas, Vent?s Ragas, 2006
vyturys, Vent?s Ragas, 2006
Liepoja, 1, 2006
Liepoja, 2, 2006
Maudyn?s, Vilnius, 2007
Vilnius, Gedimino aikt?, 2006
Reikjavikas, 2006
Bu?inys, Reikjavikas, 2006