Klaudijus Driskius. The testament of free people
2018.02.13 - 2018.03.10
"Prospekto galerija" (Gedimino pr. 43)

The exhibion exposes the portraits of Lithuanian partisans and signallers, who fighted in all nine partisans' districts in 1944 - 1958, and now live across all Lithuania, Poland, Germany and Latvia. 

"Partisans, their supporters, signaleers. Sixty years - that is all life of many people, especially of those from old generation. This is the time, which passed from the end of their war till now. They lived their lives differently, than most of veterans of World War II. They didn't get pensions, special social of psychological help. In oposite, they where in prisons, couldn't get education, make the career. People of the portraits not even survived, but the stayed dignified, haven't lost the hope, thanks to their inner strengh, trusting in God, themselves and their ideals.
Those people simply are. They gave all their lives to Lithuania. In other words - to us". " (Vytautas Ališauskas)

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