Sigitas Baltramatis photography exhibition „The Vilnius Old Town And Its Residents“
2014.07.22 - 2014.08.09
Vilniaus fotografijos galerija (Stiklių g. 4)

The Lithuanian Photographers association kindly invites you on Tuesday 22nd July 2014 at 17.30 to the Photo Exhibition „Vilnius old town and its inhabitants“ by Sigitas Baltramaitis, whose Opening will take place at „Vilnius“ Photo Gallery (Stiklių street n.4, entrance from Didžiosios street n.19, Vilnius).

Sigitas Baltramaitis currently lives and works outside Lithuania, and returns occasionally with his new exhibitions. The last one was held in 2012, at Marija Šlapelienė and Jurgis Šlapeliai house-museum. His previous series, such as "Kaleidoscope of New York“, „Indian colours" were full of colours and vital experiments where daily life images overlap each other in double expositions. 
While the newest author‘s work is quite different from the one he has been creating while living in Lithuania. The Lithuanian Union of Art Photographers invites you to look back on three decades passed by, whose some of remarkable parts has been forgotten, as the images by the cycle „Vilnius Old Town and its inhabitants" remain unseen or even unknown for youngest generations.

Forgotten can be considered not only Baltramaitis' photographs in this series, but as well that Vilnius caught in picture. From ascetic photographic plates speaks a town which did not recognize the unlimited communication, tourists influxes, advertisiments and trade surpluses. On the other hand, we are as well not able to find here the obvious references to social and political contemporary environments.. S. Baltramaitis himself asserts: „that quiet, secluded life was to me close and joyful, I took the snapshots in a very easy way, without any particular refinement, in order to cover as much as possible of the surrounding action environment. My aim was not to express opposition or underline social problems, nor the lies widespread by the power, I just wanted to know more about the life behind the glossy fake image“. This cannot be considered a didactic speech of a curious interested observer, who owns the capacity of communicate quite simple stories, but at the same time with capacity.

Sigitas Baltramaitis has studied architecture at the Technical University in Vilnius, and in 1982 he joined the Lithuanian Union of Art Photographers. The artist has created the cycles of photographs „Vilnius old town and its inhabitants“, „Pilgrimage throughout Lithuania", „Illusions", „Kingdom of Dreams", „Kaleidoscope of New York," "Indian colours“, „The Spanish landscape“,  „Brittany landscape“, „Italian regions“, „Iceland, landscape“, „Panoramas of Fellerich“. His works are stored by National Association of Lithuanian Fine Art Photographers; Baltic Information Center in Winterthur, Switzerland; „Bild Photogalerie" in Aarau, Switzerland; „Photo Forum“ in Zurich, Switzerland, and private collections.
Sigitas Baltramaitis Photo Exhibition „Vilnius old town and its inhabitants“ will run until Saturday 9th August 2014.
„Vilnius“ Photography Gallery, (Stiklių street n.4, entrance from Didžiosios street n.19, Vilnius).

Opening hours: Tue-Fri 12-18 h, Sat 12-16 h. Tel: +370 5 2611702

Sigitas Baltramaitis photography

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