Mauricio Degollado Brito. “Encounters in the distance”
2008.08.08 - 2008.08.31
Vilniaus fotografijos galerija (Stiklių g. 4)

Maloniai kviečiame 2008 m. rugpjūčio 8 d. 16 val. į Mauricio Degollado Brito (Meksika) fotografijų parodos  Susitikimai per atstumą atidarymą Vilniaus fotografijos galerijoje (įėjimas iš Didžiosios g. 19). Paroda veiks iki rugpjūčio 31 d. Galerija dirba kasdien, išskyrus sekmadienį, nuo 10 val. Iki 19 val. Šeštadieniais – nuo 10 val. iki 15 val.


© Mauricio Degollado Brito

In the world of images, it doesn’t mater the place where the pictures were taken, the images look for each other themselves,  they find themselves despite the distance……

I am Mauricio Degollado Brito, mexican, an independent photographer. I do my work departing from an ordinary life. More than a mere historical document. I seek to photograph the spirit of the things, because there is life in everything although we sometimes are unaware of it. The sense of estetic is link to my images, because in the spirit itself there is a marvelous estetic.

I am in Mexico, I walk…the people pas bye, it a common day…I am alone and I am watching the world, my world….photography is the union between the photographer and the things that he or she sees…but, is it me who watches the life? Or is the life who watches me?...the spirit comes out without explanations and that’s the moments that the image is created.

Now I wake up out of home, far away from my country…the sky is still sky and the sun stills shine…aren’t we the same there and here?...we seek to lift up our arms and fly, we walk to the work’s rhythm every day when we wake up, the colors fall dawn in the mind painting a wall, the clouds play with the birds and the dogs hide themselves between shadows….I am not myself anymore, but what I am watching..

And there comes again that the images find themselves each other, coexist, blend together. There is my dream of being together, integrated in our world.

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