2017.11.14 - 2017.12.02
"Prospekto galerija" (Gedimino pr. 43)
We kindly invite You to the opening of the Paulius Normantas exhibition "Vanishing sources", on 14th of November, 2017, 17.30, in Vilnius photography gallery (Stiklių str. 4/ Didžioji str. 19, Vilnius). The publicist Vytautas Rubavičius will take part in the opening. 

Paulius Normantas – a photographer who had found his theme– life of the micronations. The exhibition has been prepared based on the first photo book ''Vanishing Sources" issued in 1990 in Hungary. The book is comprised of nine cycles of photographs telling about everyday life and surrounding environment of such nations as Hhanty (1983), Mordvi, Udmurt (1984), Sámi (1986), Mari, Komi, Veps, Vodi, Izori and Livi nations (1987). Photographs from the funds of Lithuanian Photographers Association which were created and printed by the author until 1986 are exhibited in the exhibition.

2017.11.07 - 2017.12.16
"Prospekto galerija" (Gedimino pr. 43)

The works of Gintautas Trimakas differs from Lithuanian pfotography by revealing meditative conditions, fenomenological experience of photography perception, which consist of artist's, work's and spectator's relations and investigation of perception process.
One of the artist's aim in 9th decade was to evaluate the photography as the object. Experiments leaded him to the abstract ideological level and wider investigation of photography media phenomenon. Trimakas experiments till now with different techniques to obtain photographic image.
According to critic Agnė Narušytė, in photos of this series we always see the same: wooden stairs into dunes, grass, sand with feet, sky.. <... > But the most beautiful, that this repetition only seems the same, they are different. In other words, today's version of "Going out" accents time and body movement. It's not only images, it's documentation of the performance. 

2017.10.17 - 2017.11.04
Vilniaus fotografijos galerija (Stiklių g. 4)

Kotryna Ūla Kiliulytė and Michail Mersinis common exhibition „In Silver / Argento“ opening will take place at the Vilnius Photography Gallery (Stiklių str. 4, Vilnius. Entrance from the side of Didžioji str.), October 17th, 5.30 p.m. Authors of the exhibition will be present at the opening.

This exhibition is born from the obvious thematic links in between Kotryna's and Michail's newest bodies of work. Both take a family album as a starting point and by choosing different strategies, explore separate, yet related themes of loss, forgetting, politics, history, change and hope. Both artists look at family photography through the lens of a migrant: Michail moved from his native Greece to Glasgow over a decade ago, and Kotryna, originally from Lithuania, has lived in Scotland for 11 years now. 

2017.10.12 - 2017.11.04
"Prospekto galerija" (Gedimino pr. 43)

Šarūnas Bartas photography exhibition "Few of Them" opening will take place at the Prospektas Photography Gallery (Gedimino ave. 43, Vilnius), October 12th, 5.30 p.m. Curator Sonia Voss will be present at the opening.

From the book Sharunas Bartas - Few of Them

Vilnius, Lithuania. In the forest bordering on the capital of this small Baltic country lies a chalet sheltering a dark room and a whole range of post-production equipment salvaged from a Russian studio shortly before the fall of the Soviet Bloc. This is where filmmaker Sharunas Bartas lives and prepares his films in a self-sufficient system that keeps him close to a certain idea of cinema as primitive, intimate and linked to natural surroundings.

2017.08.08 - 2017.09.09
Vilniaus fotografijos galerija (Stiklių g. 4)


Evaldas Ivanauskas' photography exhibition "Dislocations".

Opening on 8th August, 5.30 P.M.