2018.03.21 - 2018.04.14
Vilniaus fotografijos galerija (Stiklių g. 4)

The openining of the Regina's Šulskytė's exhibition "My time" will take place on 21th of March, at 17.30, in Vilnius Photography Gallery (Stiklių str. 4)

The artist Regina Šulskytė makes personal exhibitions for more then twenty years. The main theme in her works - consistent analysis of personal relation with subsistence. In photography cycle "My time" the author goes deep into the definition of time concept. The work is constructed of several different shots, and the line of connection is more concealed. There are different spaces, which are not related in reality, but in those works they become stocked. 
Regina Šulskytė studied in Šiauliai university, art faculty. She is the member of Lithuanian Photography Union since 1995, and takes part in different exhibitions since 1996.

2018.03.13 - 2018.04.07
"Prospekto galerija" (Gedimino pr. 43)

Louise Oates. Jungle

A duo exhibition "Depths, Cuts and Grains" by artists Geistė Marija Kinčinaitytė and Louise Oates will open on Tuesday, 13th March, 2018 5.30 p.m. at "Prospekto galerija" (Gedimino ave. 43, Vilnius). During the opening, both artists and the exhibition text author Lisa Stein will be present to guide you through the exhibition and have a discussion about it. 

Artists Geistė Marija Kinčinaitytė and Louise Oates encourage to question the ambiguity of the photographic image and the act of looking itself, which here is considered as a constant movement between distance and proximity, existence and non-existence of the image. The exhibition consisting of objects, photographs and video reflects this ambiguity through the authors' approach towards the image creation while appropriating the scientific strategies of observation and research. It materializes in the dialogues between the images from Mexican jungle, depths of the Chilean mines and surfaces of the planet Mars and Iceland.

2018.02.24 - 2018.03.17
Vilniaus fotografijos galerija (Stiklių g. 4)

The opening of the exhibition will be on 27th of February, 2018, at 17.30.

2018.02.13 - 2018.03.10
"Prospekto galerija" (Gedimino pr. 43)

The exhibion exposes the portraits of Lithuanian partisans and signallers, who fighted in all nine partisans' districts in 1944 - 1958, and now live across all Lithuania, Poland, Germany and Latvia. 

"Partisans, their supporters, signaleers. Sixty years - that is all life of many people, especially of those from old generation. This is the time, which passed from the end of their war till now. They lived their lives differently, than most of veterans of World War II. They didn't get pensions, special social of psychological help. In oposite, they where in prisons, couldn't get education, make the career. People of the portraits not even survived, but the stayed dignified, haven't lost the hope, thanks to their inner strengh, trusting in God, themselves and their ideals.
Those people simply are. They gave all their lives to Lithuania. In other words - to us". " (Vytautas Ališauskas)

2018.01.16 - 2018.02.17
Vilniaus fotografijos galerija (Stiklių g. 4)

January 16th, 2018 at 5.30 p.m. there is the opening of Vilma Samulionyte exhibition “Liebe Oma, Guten Tag!, or The Pact of Silence”. It will take place in Vilnius Photography Gallery (Stiklių str. 4 / Didzioji str. 19, Vilnius).
The exhibition “Liebe Oma, Guten Tag!, or The Pact of Silence” includes visual material gathered and created while Vilma Samulionytė was working on a documentary film Liebe Oma, Guten Tag! along with her sister Jūratė Samulionytė. 
It’s all divided into three segments (time periods), telling stories about the three stages of the life of my grandmother – a Lithuanian-German Ella Fink (Elė FInkytė) Šnipaitienė – during different political regimes. 

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