Kotryna Ūla Kiliulytė, Michail Mersinis. In Silver / Argento

Kotryna Ūla Kiliulytė and Michail Mersinis common exhibition „In Silver / Argento“ opening will take place at the Vilnius Photography Gallery (Stiklių str. 4, Vilnius. Entrance from the side of Didžioji str.), October 17th, 5.30 p.m. Authors of the exhibition will be present at the opening.

This exhibition is born from the obvious thematic links in between Kotryna's and Michail's newest bodies of work. Both take a family album as a starting point and by choosing different strategies, explore separate, yet related themes of loss, forgetting, politics, history, change and hope. Both artists look at family photography through the lens of a migrant: Michail moved from his native Greece to Glasgow over a decade ago, and Kotryna, originally from Lithuania, has lived in Scotland for 11 years now. 

Šarūnas Bartas. A Few of Them


Šarūnas Bartas photography exhibition "Few of Them" opening will take place at the Prospektas Photography Gallery (Gedimino ave. 43, Vilnius), October 12th, 5.30 p.m. Curator Sonia Voss will be present at the opening.

From the book Sharunas Bartas - Few of Them

Vilnius, Lithuania. In the forest bordering on the capital of this small Baltic country lies a chalet sheltering a dark room and a whole range of post-production equipment salvaged from a Russian studio shortly before the fall of the Soviet Bloc. This is where filmmaker Sharunas Bartas lives and prepares his films in a self-sufficient system that keeps him close to a certain idea of cinema as primitive, intimate and linked to natural surroundings.

Open call for young photographers from Central/South-East Europe

Different Worlds – 5th international open call for young and promising artists in the field of contemporary art photography organized by Photon Gallery – Centre for Contemporary Photography from Ljubljana. The first prize is € 1,000 for the production and solo exhibition at Photon Gallery. The selected ten artists will present their work at the group exhibition in Ljubljana, Vienna and elsewhere!

Full details: DW

Registration to NIDA2017

We are starting registration for International Photography Symposium NIDA2017. You can fill up questionnaires hereRegistration is possible till 2017 08 28 (late ones will have a possibility to register at the event 2017 09 05-06).
On arrival to the event you need to be accredited (Nida KTIC „Agila“, Taikos str. 4) and take your bracelet. Please have required ID's.

NIDA2017 Book fair

Book fair during the NIDA2017 will last two days (09.06, 09.07). Publishers wanting to have a table please register viktorija@kaunasgallery.lt till the 30th of July.

History in memories

By Tomas Pabedinskas. Written following interviews by Viltė Migonytė-Petrulienė

The photography seminars in Nida, which first took place more than four decades ago, now feel like ancient history. Yet it’s not just facts and dates that allow us to celebrate anniversaries or idealise the past. The tradition to meet on the Curonian Spit as summer is slowly turning to autumn is admired by many international artists, and it was born out of quite down-to-earth circumstances – by trying to find freedom among ideological restrictions, combining contradictory creative positions, solving financial troubles. This article about the history of the Nida seminars includes the real experiences and memories of Antanas Sutkus, a long-reigning head of the Lithuanian photographers association, his fellow photographic artist Aleksandras Macijauskas and art critic Milda Šeškuvienė.

Lithuanian Photography: Yesterday And Today 2016 (2)

Vilnius, 2016
Publisher VšĮ Lietuvos fotomenininkų sąjungos fotografijos fondas, Lietuvos fotomenininkų sąjunga