Exhibition of Lithuanian Analogical Photography Association

The opening of the exhibition will be on 27th of February, 2018, at 17.30.

Klaudijus Driskius. The testament of free people

The exhibion exposes the portraits of Lithuanian partisans and signallers, who fighted in all nine partisans' districts in 1944 - 1958, and now live across all Lithuania, Poland, Germany and Latvia. 

"Partisans, their supporters, signaleers. Sixty years - that is all life of many people, especially of those from old generation. This is the time, which passed from the end of their war till now. They lived their lives differently, than most of veterans of World War II. They didn't get pensions, special social of psychological help. In oposite, they where in prisons, couldn't get education, make the career. People of the portraits not even survived, but the stayed dignified, haven't lost the hope, thanks to their inner strengh, trusting in God, themselves and their ideals.
Those people simply are. They gave all their lives to Lithuania. In other words - to us". " (Vytautas Ališauskas)

Riga Residency programme for photo artists

ISSP has launched a new residency programme - an opportunity for photographers and artists working with photography to come and create work in Riga.
Photographers / artists working with photography (from the Nordic - Baltic region*)
Duration of stay: 1-2 months from May to December 2018
Application deadline: 1 March 2018
A new initiative for ISSP, the Riga Residency programme is aimed at a diverse range of photographers and artists using the medium of photography. 

Noorderlicht International Photofestival 2018 IN VIVO | The nature of nature

The 25th Noorderlicht International Photofestival, is about our ambiguous relationship with nature. Museum Bélvédère in Heerenveen becomes the setting for photographic art possessing a confrontational beauty, images inspired by our rich tradition of experiencing nature. IN VIVO will be a modern, three-dimensional nature scrapbook with a twist, about how our loving way of experiencing nature is directed by hidden social and cultural constructions. 
Noorderlicht aims to raise awareness in its audience about the fact that our natural environment, from intimate back gardens to remote regions, is radically affected, or even created from scratch, by ourselves. IN VIVO challenges and enables the viewer to look in another, probing manner at the living experiment we call nature.

Vitus Saloshanka exhibition "Nemunas journey"

January 23rd, 2018 at 5.30 p.m. there is the opening of Vitus Saloshanka exhibition “Nemunas journey”. It will take place in Prospekto photography gallery (Gedimino ave. 43, Vilnius). Author will be present at the exhibition opening.
Nemunas Journey is a result of the three year work in between three countries: Belarus, Lithuania and Russia. Following the course of Nemunas River, Vitus Saloshanka photographed the changing landscape in the context of historical and political realities of the region. 

„Paris-Photo-Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards“ exhibion in Vilnius

On the 24th of January, at 17.30 there will be an opening of the photobook  exhibition „Paris-Photo-Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards“. 

International book design conference “6 pt” have an honour to present “Paris-Photo-Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards” the exhibition in Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda (Lithuania). 

The exhibition will be opened from 24th of January until 10th of February in Prospekto Photography Gallery (Gedimino ave. 43, Vilnius).  Working hours: II-V 12-18 h, VI 12-16 h.

Join us on 24 th of January at 5.30 p.m. for opening and talk with books designer Agnė Dautartaitė-Krutulė, book designer / artist Gytis Skudžinskas, artists working in form of book Marija Šaboršinaitė ir Visvaldas Morkevičius.

January 30th at 5.30 p.m. – Lithuanian Photographers Association publishing initiatives. Compilers of „Lithuanian Photography 2017“ Alvydas Lukys and Gytis Skudžinskas.

"Fotografija" magazine #2 (34) 2017